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As the holiday season is upon us, so is the rate of petty crimes increase in our neighborhoods. It can sometime dampen our holiday spirit to come home to a burgled house, where our most treasured items are either destroyed or stolen. Here are some of the tips to prevent our property from unwelcomed guests except our dear Santa Clause

Make sure your home is secured and locked, it sounds pretty obvious, right? Yes it is, but forgetting to lock windows and doors as you eagerly leave for a party or event or forgetting to replace your locks or set up an home security system is a very red carpet invite for a thief to stroll into you home.

Become unpredictable by setting your holiday lights on automatic timer, even if you are travelling for the holidays, this prevents thieves from predicting your habits when you turn your lights off or on. Avoid making items in your home visible to the outside. You can either remove or replace them from visible areas or hang curtains to do the work.

Be careful of posting your holiday travel plans online, this is the same as tying a red bow on your property for thieves. Have your neighbor, trusted friend or family member empty out your mails, an unemptied mailbox give thieves the impression that you are not home. Have a trusted friend check on your house and empty out your mails.

Be careful of door-to-door solicitors, thieves sometimes use this method as a form of disguise to look into your home and survey if you have a dog or home security system. Do not post the gifts you received for holidays or birthdays online, also avoid leaving empty boxes in front of your door. This gives thieves a perfect picture of what you have in your home.

Also, ensure that the extension cords to your outdoor lighting are not preventing your windows from closing or latching completely. Most importantly, always remember not to compromise the security of your home. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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