Demanding Respect As A Primary Agent

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Every agent sets out to achieve the one goal to become the primary agent in a highly populated/ high volume area. Completingimages order can determine your spot as a primary agent but the trick is keeping the top spot. There is always a new, young, hot shot agent that comes in on the scene to make a statement on why he should be #1. I will break down the facts on what agencies and title companies look for in a good candidate to demand the primary spot.

Great communication skills

Believe it or not, most agencies would love an agent that communicates with them. In this line of work communication is key. You may not have to speak with them physically, but communicating is a great way to ensure the spot of primary agent. One way to ensure that you will keep your spot as the primary agent is to accept new orders when they are sent to you. Granted, we do know that most agents are out on the field all day and will not be able to look over new orders once they reach home. If that is the case, make the effort to communicate with the client with a simple phone call or email. Once the client gets any idea that you’re not interested, they will quickly replace you. Give the client’s a piece of mind. Simple right?

Great turn-around times

Quick turnaround times will help you keep the primary spot with any company. Most clients are under a great deal of stress dealing with cranky lenders nagging about orders. Most lenders are willing to wait 48hrs max for an order to be returned back to them. So we all have a part to play on getting this turnaround time possible. The first thing any clients or agencies will look for is a person who is willing to have orders returned back in 24hrs or under in case of any discrepancies.

With great communication and turn-around times demanding respect as a primary agent is a giving!

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